Mind, Body and Soul



Wellness Now!  is here to connect you with the top healers in the wellness industry and bring you the retreat of a lifetime. Imagine the world’s leading transformational healers in the most luxurious resorts Costa Rica has to offer.

Are you ready to transform your life and attain your highest goals? Restart, repurpose, refresh and get ready to life the life you were meant to live. Now is the time to get your mind, body and soul in total alignment through one of our life altering retreats.

We offer detox retreats, yoga teacher trainings, meditation retreats, tantra retreats, digital detox retreats, permaculture retreats, Pancha karma, cooking retreats and more.

Our goal is to assist people in getting the emotional, spiritual and physical health they deserve.

At Wellness Now!  we work with leading experts in the field of mental and bodily health and the most prestigious luxury resorts in Costa Rica.

Now is the time to heal and transform your life!

WELLNESS Now! screening and customized packages

Now is the time to heal and rejuvenate yourself! We are here to help you find your ideal retreat. After an extensive evaluation of your current situation, interests and needs we will be able to direct you to your most compatible retreat.

Detox your body and mind

Everybody needs a detox these days considering the amount of toxins in the air and the digital addictions we are faced with. Now is the time to completely purify your whole self via food, healthy juices, meditation, yoga and personal coaching from leading detox experts. Forget about the online world, renew body and mind, invigorate and infuse your cells with new vital energy and completely purify and transform your being! This retreat is bound to totally transform your world from inside and out!

Loose Weight, Detox and rejuvenate

Now is the time to finally get rid of that excess weight, to detox and get the body and life you have always dreamed of. This retreat goes to the root cause of your eating habits and will teach you how to effortlessly keep up a healthy lifestyle. All this while staying in luxury accommodation, eating delicious and healthy food, surrounded by like minded individuals in a mesmerizing tropical setting. Loosing weight has never been easier and more enjoyable and our weight loss expert will be there to guide you all the way. .

get a group together

You can effortlessly create group gatherings with Wellness Now! retreats. Get your friends to join you on our life altering retreats or share this sacred time out with family and loved ones. We are here to completely guide you on how to organize, what to consider and all other practicalities to make this time a truly divine, inspirational and transformational stay.